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Visit of Delegation of IIT Bhubaneswar to Global Institutions in Singapore

19th Nov, 2019, Bhubaneswar: In the endeavor of shaping itself into the cream of global class through a line of spirited actions, IIT Bhubaneswar is on course of hiring capable and bright faculty from the graduates of globally reputed Institutions. In this pursuit, the Director Prof. R V Raja Kumar along with some of the Deans visited Singapore during 6th – 11th November, 2019, to establish collaborating connections with well reputed Institutions in Singapore. The delegation visited to globally famous and highest ranked universities, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) in Asia. The team also visited the highly acclaimed research Institutions under A*STAR to study the faculty hiring and recruitment processes, basic infrastructure, teaching programs, research environment prevailing in those Institutions.

Prof R. V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar said that, IIT Bhubaneswar has a vision to attain global reputation for generating outstanding graduates and research output and has been working towards achieving this goal through its innovative and spirited implantation of highest standards of academic excellence and research culture and operations on all fronts including wellness environment and creating state-of-art infrastructure. He said that the visit has been very fruitful on multiple fronts including in getting bright applications for faculty positions, forging collaborations for course sharing, joint research, mutual learning of best practices. He also felt that the infrastructure being created at IIT Bhubaneswar is going to be of comparable standards to Singapore Universities. Further he also said that the Institute would be sending faculty members to these institutions to carry on collaborative work in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR-VR).

The delegation was well received at NTU with a warm reception. Director, IIT Bhubaneswar had a fruitful meeting with Prof. Subra Suresh, President, NTU to discuss and establish interactive relations between the two Institutions. In addition there were broad discussions with Prof. Subodh Mhaisalkar, Associate Vice President, Strategy & Partnerships and Prof. B.V.R Chowdhury, NTU-India Global Connect Director for establishing long term co-ordination in the areas of Education and Research. Director, IIT Bhubaneswar made presentations on the prospects of faculty recruitment and growth factors at NTU and NUS to a large no. of students pursuing Ph. D and Postdoctoral career giving them a valuable insight into the future growth prospective at IIT Bhubaneswar.

The delegation also had an interactive meeting with the Pan-IIT Singapore Alumni Association, and participated in its Annual meeting where Director, IIT Bhubaneswar was a Guest of Honor. The delegation also met Scientists at Institution of High Performance Computing of A*STAR for a possible long term collaboration was discussed and chalked out strategical planning to establish immediately joint project submissions to enable faculty and student exchange across the Institutes.



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