Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

In accordance to Section 4 (I) of the Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (14 of 2013) and OM dated 21.07.2009 in F.No.11013/3/2009-Esst.(A) issued by the Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India, IIT Bhubaneswar has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to inquire into the complaints of sexual harassment of female employees and female students of the institute.
The ICC comprises of the following members:

Dr. Remya Neelancherry, Asst. Prof., SIF  - Chairperson -  chairperson.icc@iitbbs.ac.in
Prof. P.K.J Mohapatra, Prof,. SMS - Member
Mrs. Namrata Chadha, Social Activist - Member
Dr. Sasmita Barik, Asst.Prof, SBS - Member
Dr. Kiranmayi Landu, Asst.Prof, SEOCS - Member
Shri Debaraj Rath, Joint Registrar - Member
Ms. Manisha Mishra, Student Counsellor (Psychologist) - Member Secretary

Who can approach ICC for help?

Any IIT Bhubaneswar female employee (faculty, student or staff)

Definition of Sexual Harassment:

"Sexual harassment" includes such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour, whether directly or otherwise, as:

  • physical contact and advances
  • demand or request for sexual favours
  • sexually coloured remarks
  • showing any pornography, or
  • any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

What are the possible actions that can be taken against the respondent?

  • Warning
  • Written apology
  • Bond of good behaviour
  • Adverse remark in the Confidential Report
  • Stopping of increments/promotion
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal
  • Any other relevant mechanism

If you are harassed, what should you do?

  • The complaint shall submit to the ICC at the time of filing the complaint, six copies of the complaint along with supporting documents and the names and addresses of the  witnesses.  You can reach the Chairperson, ICC at chairperson.icc@iitbbs.ac.in

Rest assured that your complaint will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Inquiry process:

  • The  inquiry shall be complete within a period of ninety days from the date of the complaint.
  • On completion of the inquiry, the Internal Committee shall provide a report of its findings to the employer within a period of ten days from the date of completion of the inquiry and such report be made available to the concerned parties.
  • If the allegations against the respondent  has been proved, it shall recommend punitive actions to be taken against the respondent to the employer.
  • The employer shall act upon the recommendation within sixty days of its receipt by him.

Useful Reading Materials:

Women's Grievance Redressal Committee (WGRC)

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