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Past Events

1 27-01-2018 Industrial Experts Talk on Next Generation Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities 27th January 2018
2 28-01-2018 Ashvamedha: 1st Annual Sports Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar during 27-28th January 2018.
3 21-01-2018 E-Summit: The Annual Entrepreneurship Conclave of IIT Bhubaneswar from 19-21 January 2018
4 14-01-2018 Institute's Annual Socio-Cultural Fest Alma Fiesta to be held from 12th to 14th January 2018
5 16-12-2017 GIAN Course on Comparative Literature for the Twenty First Century to be held from 6-16 December 2017.
6 10-11-2017 Institute Seminar on the topic "Know your Self to get true success and lasting happiness".
7 07-01-2018 IIT Bhubaneswar is hosting the?Madhava Mathematics Competition -2018 for the Odisha region
8 04-11-2017 Blood Donation?Camp on 4th of November
9 15-12-2017 The workshop on "Electricity Market Oriented Control of Renewables based Microgrid" during 13-15th Dec.
10 15-12-2017 GIAN course on "Recent Advances in PCM Based Cooling Technology" to be conducted during 11 - 15 December 2017
11 26-10-2017 Institute Seminar on Some Perspectives on I N D I A (Innovation, Natural resources, Demography, Inclusion and Agriculture)
12 26-10-2017 Two days workshop on Field Programmable Analog Array during October 24-25, 2017, IIT Bhubaneswar
13 30-11-2016 School of Infrastructure, IIT Bhubaneswar Conducted Workshop on Recent Advances in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering
14 08-11-2016 School Seminar and interactive discussion by Prof. Chittaranjan Ray
15 28-03-2017 One day Workshop on Training of Masons
16 25-03-2017 Brainstorming Workshop on IT-based Real Time Monitoring of Soil, Water
17 24-12-2017 7th International Conference On Soft Computing for Problem Solving during December 23-24, 2017
18 April 9, 2016 E-Cell IIT Bhubaneswar organising a Workshop on " Funding Opportunities and Legal Aspects of Startups" on April 9, 2016.
19 18th March 2016 Institute Seminar Talk by Prof. Zellman Warhaft, Professor, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA on 18th March 2016.
20 5 March 2016 A one day workshop on "Business Plan, Opportunities and Risks, and Sources Of Funds For Start-Ups"
21 28 February 2016 National Science Day Celebration on 28 February 2016 in the Institute Auditorium (Samantapuri)
22 12th Feb 2016 8th Foundation Day of IITBBS on 12th Feb 2016
23 22-24 January, 2016 The Annual Entrepreneurial Conclave of IIT Bhubaneswar, E-Summit 16, 22-24 January, 2016
24 15-01-2017 Annual Cultural Fest of IIT Bhubaneswar, Alma Fiesta- 2016, 15-17 Jan
25 8th-10th January 2016 The annual techno-management fest Wissenaire (8th-10th January 2016)
26 02-01-2016 Hon'ble Governor of Odisha to Inaugurate 1st Year Lab Complex at Arugul Campus
27 30th December 2015 IIT Bhubaneswar in collaboration with P&C Dept, Govt. of Odisha is going to organize iSET-01: a workshop on innovative and sustainable energy technologies" on 30th December 2015
28 15-17 Dec 2015 IEEE Workshop on ‘High Performance Digital Signal Processing System Design and Implementation’ 15- 17 December 2015, Bhubaneswar, India
29 07-11-2015 Workshop/Meeting on Unnat Bharat Abhiyan(UBA) on 07-11-2015 at 3.00 pm at Argul Campus IIT Bhubaneswar
30 2nd Nov 2015 Institute Seminar Series - Software Technology and Industry Trends in Data Science, Computing and Analytics - A Global perspective by Shri Jnana Ranjan Dash, Executive Consultant in Silicon Valley - 2nd Nov 2015.
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