School of Electrical Sciences

Welcome to School of Electrical Sciences

School of Electrical Sciences at IIT Bhubaneswar offers a vibrant and research intensive environment in the field of Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Established in 2008, it is one of the fastest growing Schools at IIT Bhubaneswar. With a focus on quality teaching and research in cutting edge technology at the core, the School offers B.Tech, M.Tech and PhD programs in broad areas of CSE, ECE an EE disciplines.

The School is engaged in a wide spectrum of research in established and emerging technologies through nationally and internationally funded sponsored research, industrial consultancy, and various research collaborations. The School currently focuses on five major research areas: Communications and Signal Processing, Power and Renewable Energy System, Power Electronics and Drives, Microelectronics and Semiconductor Devices, and Computing Techniques and Systems. In its role as research oriented School, it will help the most challenging social, cultural, technical, and health related problems through both basic and applied research. The objective of the School is to shape graduates into hardcore professionals who would become effective leaders and noteworthy technological innovators.

While producing competent professionals, it is also an endeavour of the School to ensure that the graduates adhere to ethical values in life and be sensitive to environmental and social issues. It  is  also  part  of the  mission  to  motivate  and  encourage  the  students to  engage  in  lifelong  learning which would help them keep abreast with contemporary developments in their fields of operation and enable them to  use  this  power  of knowledge  as  leverage  to  become  outstanding  performers  in  whatever careers they choose.


Our Faculty

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