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Every person is unique and endowed with talents. However, there are moments when one may feel distressed, lonely or anxious. The person may feel out of place due to their day to day hassles, stressful situations, life transitions, difficulties in maintaining intra/ inter personal relationships, etc. All this creates the dire necessity for psychological support and concern in this turbulent world crammed with tensions, worries, anxieties and stress..

Established in 2010, IIT Bhubaneswar's Counselling Service Team (CST) is marching ahead in its mission to facilitate the personal, academic, professional and social growth of the students, and to equip them with the requisite skills to thrive amidst the various challenges of life. The team creates a haven for students to discuss their issues & challenges in a friendly yet secure environment. Since members of the team are students themselves, they understand the difficulties faced by the freshers. The mentoring by the CST team creates a culture that strengthens the inter-personal bonds between the students.


The team is headed by a Faculty member (PIC Counselling), followed by three Student Coordinators (two for UG section and one for PG section) who along with the aid of the sixteen Assistant Coordinators (seven for UG section and nine for PG section) and thirty Student Guides provide assistance, guidance and support throughout the period of students' tenure at the Institute. There are 35 Students Guides (only for UG section), each of whom is entrusted with the responsibility of 11-13 freshers. There is also the provision of an Institute Counsellor for private counselling.

Activities of Counselling Service at IIT Bhubaneswar

1. Orientation Program

2. Student-buddy

3. Individual Counselling: Academic, psychological, social, professional

4. Periodic Group Counselling

5. Workshops and Seminars

6. Heritage Trips

7. FGT

The Counselling Service Team,
IIT Bhubaneswar

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